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"Poor Quality Is Remembered Long After Low Prices Are Forgotten"

Charles Royce - co-founder of Rolls Royce.

Premium Range

premium kayak range These are the pick of the crop. We absolutely stand behind our premium kayaks with confidence and pride. The Premium range of kayaks are for those looking for the best in a kayak. These kayaks are made to perfection and posess all the quality, comfort and attention to detail that you would expect from a kayak in this class.

Included in our premium range are the Barracuda kayaks, Hurricane kayaks and Prijon kayaks.

The Barracuda brand includes the now legendary Barracuda Beachcomber (17kg ultralight sea kayak) and more recently the Barracuda Duo (5.8m and only 23kg) and the Barracuda SOT fishing kayak (4.1m and only 18kg).

Hurricane Kayaks Australia includes a full range of imaculately finished thermoformed recreational kayaks, touring kayaks, sea kayaks and sit on top kayaks. There is no disputing that the Hurricane kayaks are the most beautiful kayaks on the water.

And Prijon includes the widest range of premium sea kayaks and touring kayaks available in Australia today.

Quality Range

quality kayak range Our Quality range of kayaks includes all of our high grade polyethylene kayaks.

During our ten years in the kayak industry we have paddled, inspected and sold almost every make, model and variation of quality brand kayak available in Australia and have over time narrowed it down to this.

Included in this range are Cobra, Riot, DAG, Current Design, Ocean Kayak, and some of the RTM kayaks. These are reputable brands that are recognised for good quality, excellent design and reliability.

Budget Range

budget kayak range Included in this range are our Scorpio kayaks, RTM Kayaks and Point 65'N kayaks

Recently there has been in influx of cheap imported kayaks into the market. Many of these are cheap copies of Australian made original craft, using cheaper low grade materials. The likes of these can be found on online auctions, at camping and adventure chain stores and even on the side of the road.

The positive side to this is that it allows people who genuinely cannot afford a good quality kayak to at least enter the market and begin to enjoy the benefits of getting out on the water.

Unfortunately there seem to be more negatives than positives, many of which we are made aware of by disgruntled cusotmers who have come to us to upgrade or purchase accessories. Some of these negatives are as follows:

- The most serious problems concern safety. Many of these products are entering the market without any kind of quality inspection. Watersports can be dangerous and a poorly manufactured or faulty craft could result in injury or even worse, drowning. Would you purchase a poor quality set of breaks for your car or a 2nd grade seatbelt?

- Many of the cheaper kayaks are made of sub standard materials which are not UV stabalised, meaning that they will begin to perish in the sun very quickly, and many of the metal parts are not stainless.

- One cusotmer picked up a cheap double SOT from a guy selling kayaks from a trailer on the side of the road. When he put it in the water it leaked like a sieve but when he went back to where he had purchased it the guy and his trailer were gone.

- Many customers who have purchased purely on price have received little or no advice about the suitability of the craft for the purpose for which they wish to use it. The result is that often people end up with a kayak that is completely unsuitable. Some examples are as follows:

  - Purchasing a kayak for the purpose of sea kayaking when in fact the kayak is not suitable in the surf or sea. This can also pose a serious safety risk.
  - Purchasing a kayak that is not designed to carry your weight.
  - Purchasing a kayak for long distance touring but finding that the kayak is only suitable for pottering around on a lake

The list is endless. In many cases these customers end up selling their kayak online for even less than what they paid for it - to some other poor sucker, and so the cycle continues....

In order to try to address these problems we have taken on a range of Budget kayaks to ensure that people who cannot afford a premium or quality kayak will at least get a half-decent cheap kayak and at least get one to suit their needs and purpose, and one that is not unsafe. As such you will now find a range of cheaper budget kayaks amongst our offering.

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