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Kayak roofrackscanoe roofracksKayak racks C-Kayak Australia are stockists Thule Roofracks. In particular we have on offer a range of specially designed kayak racks and roofrack accessories.

The Thule rack system is simple, just advise us of your make and model car and we’ll quickly determine which is the most suitable roofrack for your car. We hold on site a wide range of roof rack kits to suit many vehicle makes and models and even if we don't have your particular kit in stock we can get it into stock within two days. This means that you can order your roofracks over the phone and then pop into our kayak shop on a single trip to collect your kayak and roofracks. The only thinking you may have to do is to decide whether you want a square bar or an aero bar.

We charge standard Thule prices for the roofrack and offer substantial discounts on some of the accessories.

Kayak Racks Kayak Racks Kayak Racks NEW Introducing the impi J-Rack Kayak Carrier (on left). This robust kayak carrier is the ideal solution for carrying two kayaks when your vehicle only has a narrow cross-bar. It allows the one kayak to be carried on it's side leaving most of the bar space available for the second kayak. It also includes straps and a paddle holder. RRP $199 - less 30% when purchased in conjunction with any kayak. Fits most square and aero bar types.

As with any roofrack stockist we charge a modest fitting fee but this may be waived when purchased in conjunction with a kayak (on weekends we can get quite busy so you are encouraged to arrange a time before or after hours to have your roofracks fitted, unless you are happy to wait).

Please note, however, that we are kayak specialists not roof rack specialists. We suggest that any roofracks fitted by us be thoroughly checked by yourself prior to driving off. As such we waiver ourselves of any responsibility for any loss or damage that might occur as a result (directly or indirectly) of any roofrack fitting.

If you are at all concerned about the fitting then we suggest that you rather take your roof racks to a roof rack specialist for fitting.

So C-Kayak is your one stop shop for your kayak, kayak accessories and roof racks.

Removable Rubber Roofracks

roof racks roof racks One of the challenges facing many of our customers is how to get the kayaks home. While we do stock a range of permanent roofracks, not everyone wants to spend that kind of money and some people prefer not to add roofracks to the car if it is company owned etc.

The Rubber Roofracks are the ideal solution. They are gentle on your vehicle, durable and can easily be used to carry kayaks up to 36kg. When not in use you simply put it in the boot of your car and then whip it out when you need it, strap it to the roof and then strap on the kayaks in just 2 minutes.

They come with their own built in straps plus an dditional set of straps to strap your kayak on top.

RRP $150 Currently on special for just $99 per set WHEN PURCHASED IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANY KAYAK.

Please contact us for your
kayak roofrack requirements.

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