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Prijon Kayaks


premium kayak range After some innovative changes, and some amazing new features and designs we are pleased to announce that Prijon is now back in stock!
Virtually the entire range now in stock - all at better prices than they have been for the past three years!

Find a better local price on any Prijon Kayak or Prijon Paddle and we'll match or better it!

Prijon Touryak - Sea Kayak

The Touryak is another Prijon Classic. If you're after a sea kayak that offers more stability rather than speed, but can handle a fair degree of chop and rough stuff, yet boasts all the comfort features of any Prijon kayak, then the Touryak might be ideal for you.

Plenty of storage options above and below the deck the Touryak is true to its namesake.

prijon Kayaks
Material HTP Plastic
Length 4.7 m
Width 63 cm
Weight 28 kg

Prijon Millenium - Sea Kayak

There are not many kayaks in the world that match the grace and beauty of the Prijon Millenium.

The Millenium is lightweight, immaculately finished and naturally boasts all the German made quality features found in any Prijon Kayak.

Very stable with plenty of storage the Millenium is ideal for day trips and overnighters.

prijon Kayaks
Material Composite
Length 5.05 m
Width 59 cm
Weight 20 kg

Prijon Kodiak - Sea Kayak

The Kodiak is also a Prijon classic. Tough as nails and ready to take on surf, swell and sea the Kodiak is perfect for the larger paddler looking for something that can be taken out in all conditions.

As with all Prijon kayaks the Kodiak boasts heaps of storage and one of the most comfortably set out cockpits available to mankind.

The day hatch in front of the cockpit is an absolute pleasure for storing those things that you might need to access quickly.

prijon Kayaks
Material HTP Plastic
Length 5.18 m
Width 59 cm
Weight 28 kg

Prijon Seayak - Sea Kayak

Now available in three versions, the Seayak Classic, the 500 Low Volume and the 520 High Volume

Due to its attractive shape (clearly sea-worthy bow) and excellent manoeuvrability, together with all the quality Prijon features, the Seayak has always been one of the best selling sea kayaks around. The only problem is that people come in different shapes and sizes and so not everybody fitted into the Seayak perfectly. Generally it was only medium built people that connected perfectly with the Seayak Classic.

Now with three versions of the Seayak available, the Classic, the 500 Low Volume and the 520 High Volume, there is a Seayak size for practically everyone.

Already the new 500 LV and 520 HV are proving to be hugely popular.

prijon Kayaks
Model Classic 500 LV 520 HV
Material HTP Plastic HTP Plastic HTP Plastic
Length 4.9 m 5 m 5.18 m
Width 58 cm 57 cm 59 cm
Weight 27 kg 26 kg 27 kg

Prijon Proteus - Sea Kayak

Take the Prijon Millenium, stretch it, tweak it a bit, and you've got the Prijon Proteus, a leaner, faster, longer distance touring sea kayak of immaculate quality.

Boasting all the German quality features and extra comfort offered by any Prijon kayak the Proteus is ideal for the more competitive paddler, or paddlers looking for a craft to travel longer distances with less effort.

prijon Kayaks
Material Composite
Length 5.2 m
Width 57 cm
Weight 21 kg

Prijon Prilite Marlin - Sea Kayak

NEW Successor to the Prilite 470 and Prilite 505, the Prijon Prilite Marlin is a beautiful, high volume thermoformed sea kayak, which fits nicely between the Hurricane Tracer and the Whelo Bigfoot

The Hurricane Tracer, also made of lightweight thermoformed plastic, has always been one of our best selling sea kayaks, but does not suite larger paddlers. Up until now larger paddlers have had the option of going for the Whelo Bigfoot (below) but the Bigfoot is sometimes too big or too voluminous for some people, and so the Prilite Marlin fills this gap beautifully.

Originally the Marlin came out in HTP and Composite too but the huge success of the Prilite Marlin has rendered these other versions no longer applicable.

prijon Kayaks
Material Thermoformed Plastic
Length 5.3 m
Width 58 cm
Weight 20 kg

Prijon Piave - Double Touring Kayak

Our lightest tandem kayak!

The Piave is a compact, lightweight, stable touring kayak suitable for shorter distances. While not as fast as some of its longer counterparts and without as much storage options, the Piave offers ease of lifting and carrying on land, and highly manoeuvrable in the water.

The undisputable German quality clearly sets this craft aside from cheaper composites originating from elsewhere in the world.

If you are after a lightweight double with uncompromised quality and don't mind spending a bit more for these attributes, then this is the ideal choice of kayak for you.

prijon Kayaks
Material Composite
Length 4.66 m
Width 69 cm
Weight 24 kg

Prijon Excursion - Double Touring Kayak

The Prijon Excursion is a rugged and robust touring double with plenty of storage and extra legroom for taller paddlers. Tried and tested in hire and tour fleets all over the world this kayak is ideal for a couple looking for a craft that is stable, tough and has enough space to put away food and gear for a few days if necessary.

Naturally the Excursion boasts all the quality and comfort features offered by all Prijon kayaks.

prijon Kayaks
Material HTP Plastic
Length 5.18 m
Width 72 cm
Weight 37 kg

Prijon Cruiser III - Three-seater Touring Kayak

The Prijon Cruiser III is the ideal touring kayak for the family of three. Very stable, the Cruiser III boasts a third cockpit offering all three paddlers more protection than an open canoe-style boat. In cold or rough weather spray skirts can be used to provide all three paddlers with the warmth and protection usually only available in single or two-seater kayaks.

The Cruiser III comes with a rudder.

prijon Kayaks
Material HTP Plastic
Length 5.18 m
Width 69 cm
Weight 34 kg

Prijon - Yukon KII Double Touring Kayak

The Yukon KII is perhaps the classiest double touring kayak on the market.
Lightweight, immaculately finished and with all the German comfort features and characteristics of any Prijon Kayak, the Yukon KII is hard to beat.

The extra length and fine finish make the Yukon KII on of the fastest and most efficient touring doubles around, combine that with the comfortable seating and padded thigh braces and you're talking about long-distance touring capability in style.

prijon Kayaks
Material Composite
Length 5.46 m
Width 68 cm
Weight 29 kg

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