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Swift Paddles :: Truly Beautiful Paddles

Do you know someone who paddles and looking for something realy special to get them? Or perhaps you are a paddler yourself and feel like treating yourself to a seriously beautiful paddle.

Currently on sale for just $349 (RRP $449) - we have a few of each design in stock - designs will be allocated on a first come first serve basis (see available designs below).

Swift Paddles

Swift Touring Paddles are a distinctive blend of power and lightness. These paddles possess a radiant translucence in sunlight that is highly visible and exceptionally beautiful.

Swift blades are powerful but forgiving with quick acceleration, a flutter free stroke and smooth follow through. The composite blades come in an array of stunning custom designs.

ALL Swift paddles feature graphite shafts for added strength and stiffness! The Swift paddles that we carry are of the mid swift shape, the shafts are two-piece and the grip range has a slight oval shape for comfort and indexing. The shafts are straight shaft, which provide maximum versatility for all paddling conditions and styles.

Swifts are some of the lightest paddles on the market weighing in at 27 31 oz. Blade weight is a mere 6.5 oz for an incredibly low swing weight!

The Mid Swift blade shape delivers plenty of pull and control in rough water conditions, yet it is quite well behaved when the wind blasts against it. We find this to be the ideal paddle for extended paddling in varied and changeable conditions and the only paddle many kayakers will ever need.

Collect from any of our six stores or order via our ONLINE store for interstate deliveries:

Designs - click each pic for a larger image CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN - then collect from one of our six stores - (02) 4324 2867
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