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In October 2007 we introduced the NSW Recreational Paddle Group, a regular paddle day organised BY paddlers FOR paddlers.

The aim of this Paddle Group was to allow people to participate in a leisurely paddle with other recreational paddlers, which is notably different to the various sea kayak clubs that exist in and around the country.

This Paddle Group encouraged not only sea kayakers but also people paddling recreational sit it in and sit on kayaks to participate. As such the pace is relatively relaxed and people are encouraged to go at their own speed rather than trying to keep up with the paddlers at the front.

The Recreational Paddle Group became very popular with as many as 50 people turning up to some of the monthly Paddle days that were run regularly through 2008 and 2009.

Unfortunately we were pre-occupied throughout 2010 - July 2012 with the opening of five new stores in Canberra, The Gold Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne and now Adelaide, bringing our total number of specialist kayak stores to eight. As a result the Paddle Days whittled away to almost nothing.

In June of 2012 we sent out a customer feedback questionnaire and were delighted to have received hundreds of responses. The most sought after requested that we received from NSW customers was that we re-introduce the regular Paddle Days.

The good news is that we, in response to this feedback, have recently re-launched the Paddle Days across all eight regions.

The first round of our "relaunched" Paddle Days took place in August 2012, with great success. We plan to run them for each region at least every six to eight weeks. And remember, there is No Charge and Everyone is welcome, no matter what craft you paddle or where you got it from, or what your level of experience. In fact the more the merrier!

You will find details of the next planned Paddle Days on the most recent Newsletter and if you wish to receive regular newsletters including information on up and coming Paddle Days then please fill out the Newsletter Application form.

Please read carefully our Paddle Day Disclaimer and What to Bring Guide
Please contact your nearest C-Kayak store by e-mail should you require further information about the next Paddle Day in your area.

Please click here to view our latest Paddle Day Albums.

Here is an example of one of our recent trips : (Wallarah Creek).

For those of you who are really keen there is also the option of going on a fundraising kayaking tour in Fiji.


Below are our archives displaying pictures from some of the previous years' Paddle Days:

Mooney Mooney Creek (upstream)

Patonga Creek

Waterfall Bay, Woy Woy

Crosslands Reserve, Berowra Valley

Wyong River

Glenworth Valley, Peats Ridge

Bobbin Head

Akuna Bay

Woy Woy to Kincumber

Dora Creek

Berowra Waters

Wyee Creek

Bobbin Head

Mooney Mooney Creek (downstream)

Roseville Bridge


Bantry Bay

Berowra Waters

Georges River

Bobbin Head

Tuesday Paddle Days:
For those recreational paddlers in NSW wishing to paddle mid week we can recommend the Toukley Kayak Club, which meets on Tuesdays.

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